Monday, October 27, 2008

OK, so here's my Baby Boy..... He's a Fullback. This was the Centralia Chehalis 101st game, approx 4,000 people there to watch it, not nearly as many as last years in Chehalis with an ESTIMATED 6,800 fans YES THIS IS HIGH SCHOOL!!!! and NOT in Texas. LOL

Unfortunately we lost and BOY WAS I MAD!!!! It was a 21-3 loss, game was better than the score imitates.

Bubba was awarded the Offensive Player of the Game on the Chehalis side and given a Trophy that said such. He had 66 of the TOTAL 88 rushing yards... Hmmm, perhaps if that QB could hold on to the ball! :?{


Roberta said...

Should've came here to watch the link in the first place, it seems... loaded up just fine!

Win or lose, it looked like a well played game.

You've got a right to be a proud momma - MVP is not an easily gained title in any game!

Laura Jean (AKA LJ) said...

Awsome pic of bubba.....wish they would have won....