Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Friend Jessica from There She Goes is doing a MASSIVE Blog Hop so perhaps this will pull me out of my funk!!!! Check out that cool blinkie I got goin on... I will be using the stamp set Slow and Steady, I TOTALLY LOVE those snails!!! I will have to put my BESTEST STamp Hat on (or pay someone who can rock this blog hop) as I'll be rubbin shoulders with the likes of Holly (AKA:Toy) Jessie (Knightrone) and the rest of the gang!!!!!! **YIKES** LOL

We will see, I've got some time to defunk and get with it, so fingers crossed... and maybe part of my funk will GET A JOBBIE JOB!!!! Grrrrrr

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not feelin the love right now from my stampin so this blog will be inactive for quite some time, gonna have to do some soul searching and figure out if I really wanna try to be a "stamper" from what I've been seeing I'm not so, deep soul searching is gonna be happening, the LSS is having a yard sale May 1 & 2, so I may just completely delete my blog after that day, I will just have to see what is up when the time comes, the house just may get a bit bigger with an additional room given back if I unload all of this crap and the crap I make!!!!

Anyway, I will quite with my blah blah blah boo hoo hoo and just hang out on my least THAT gives a lil love back!!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What a Week...

Well, some SAD news and some HAPPY news (for now)! Hailey has been playing select fastpitch at 14 on a 16U team...High School started their tryouts Monday, well, today she basically got the news that she would not be playing Varsity, 3 girls were told to go to the Batting cages with Varsity, she was not one of them, and as all small towns go, 2 of the girls are "well connected" here in town, the other, she is GOOD... Hailey is right there with her in abilities... I get so screaming mad at small town politics it just makes me wanna puke!!!! I know, I know, I sound like "one of those" kinda mom's but seriously... Hailey IS VERY GOOD!!!!!

Good news for now... Bub was called in reference to his application that he turned in to the Movie Theater for an interview, it's in 2 hours!!!! SO... although life has changed from College to being at home to needing a job, so far it's appearing good, he's pretty excited so fingers crossed... :)

OK, had to post even if I am talking to myself as I have no blog stalkers! LOL