Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Please take a minute....

The video in this has me in tears.... What an AWESOME experience to watch...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Long time since last post, I guess I was in a Football Mom funk.... Bub had his banquet last night and received his 3 year letterman award and the 2nd team all Conference award, it was his Senior banquet and after he was bummed again, I think it reminded him that football is Definately over for him, not that he had forgotten but it was closure to the season. He has moved on to wrestling which he hasn't done since 8th grade, and managed to drop 7 pounds in 2 days... He SO needs to GAIN weight, at 6' he should weigh more than 183 #.... Hopefully he does well, he is hoping for Varsity but another kid decided to come back this year after all. LOL Bub was thinking of just sliding in. HAHAHAH Well, ladies

I am wanting you all to have a BLESSED Thanksgiving and to remember all those that you love. Be thankful for what you have and for what makes you strong, the good AND the bad! Without both you wouldn't be who you are.

Take care and enjoy the Turkey fest....

I will be working so Take care and God Bless!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

OK, so tonight was a bummer, Bubba's team lost and Football as I knew it is OVER.... Terrible first half, came back great guns second half just didnt fall right for them, Bubba took a TERRIBLE Spinal hit and the sound made me drop my camera right after taking the photo, SO glad I had the strap around my neck. They were checking him for movement and I was only 20 feet away getting UP CLOSE GOOD shots.... YIKES, I stopped breathing at the sound of the hit, you KNOW a good hit and it's COOL sounding THIS was NOT COOL SOUNDING.... Momma was SCARED SPITLESS!!!

I will try to post some pics tomorrow but I have a SU party to demo for a gal from my work tomorrow, expecting 10 people to show up, I hope no more than that show as that is all the samples that I made....

Have a great day tomorrow ladies, Sunday is my Monday.

Friday, November 7, 2008

This is my card for Hanna Release Challenge #2, we were to make a Baby card using non traditional colors (pastels). SO I had no baby stamps, or the ones I have CANT I made Riley zooming to the Hospital cuz he got "the call". I hope you like it!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hanna Challenge Card #1

This is the card I made for the Hanna Release party last night before I went to bed. This idea was burning in my head as soon as the challenge was posted. SO I used this "New" stamp set and hand drawn ball for an "embellie" LOL The #27 at the bottom is for my Hailey B. She is a MEAN lil fastpitch gal and Tough as nails.... Hope you like the card.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Here is my card challenge for Melanies Gina K give away, Titled "Hot Football Mom" McFadden on SCS gave me the inspiration.... LJ Gave me the ribbon! LOL
Hard to read the words due to the SPARKLY Mom shirt! LOL Do Disco and Football go together? Hmmm, YEP!

Here is a card I made today for my FIRST EVER Card Challenge on SCS. It is for MFT(My Favorite Things). We were challenged to use a Non Christmas set to make a Christmas Card. This is my go at it. I personally LOVE it, I used SU Ski Slope paper along with Close to Cocoa and Soft Sky for mounting papers, I also used the new Felt snowflakes in Riding hood red and Soft Sky (I think). The card base is Riding Hood Red also.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Here's my 15 minutes (seconds) of fame!!!!

OK, so here's my Baby Boy..... He's a Fullback. This was the Centralia Chehalis 101st game, approx 4,000 people there to watch it, not nearly as many as last years in Chehalis with an ESTIMATED 6,800 fans YES THIS IS HIGH SCHOOL!!!! and NOT in Texas. LOL

Unfortunately we lost and BOY WAS I MAD!!!! It was a 21-3 loss, game was better than the score imitates.

Bubba was awarded the Offensive Player of the Game on the Chehalis side and given a Trophy that said such. He had 66 of the TOTAL 88 rushing yards... Hmmm, perhaps if that QB could hold on to the ball! :?{

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Christmas Card Swap

This is a card that I made for a swap on SCS. I REALLY like this card and IRL the eyes totally pop in a soft way, KWIM? I used a Hampton Arts stamp, Versafine ink in Sepiaand watercolor pencils. I then punched it out with a fancy corner punch that I just bought by EK Success. I used Riding Hood Red and Chocolate Chip paper for my card base and mounting papers.
I hope you like it!

Friday, October 10, 2008

This is the card I made for ScrappinHillbilly's swap for SU sets... This is the set "A Cardinal Christmas". I case'd this card design from Card Maker Magazine....

Hope you enjoy it... Not much time lately so I'll talk more later!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sittin here Snotty!

OK, so I am gonna whine a little bit and feel sorry for myself... I was feeling like TOTAL ICK yesterday. I was talking to my partner and all of a sudden the room began to spin. I was driving home and wondering if I was gonna puke in my lap or not, I get home and when I tipped my head back (dont know why I was doing that) I just about fell over, I got SOOO dizzy. SO, I went to bed only to bed woke up by Mr Brown with my SU order....It's a good thing it came today as I had turned off my alarm, you see I had to come in to work 2 hours early so that my "patner" for the night cant be by himself, he's a Cadet, and NO TRAINING...he's never even been in a fight at High School or anything... he's 20... SO, I am dry cough, sore throat, headache from HE!!, fevered/chills, etc... AND working (as I call it) by myself... He left at midnight so I AM by myself until 6:30 this AM....

I am SO not feeling good and I have a box o goodies stashed away in my craft room needing out of the plastic cuz they cant breathe.... LOL

OK, I'm done sniveling, I guess!

Hope you all have a great day and Thanks for all the comments on my pictures and what not.... It's fun to hear from you all!



Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here is my handsome boy!!! He has a MOHAWK right now! UGH!!! Damn Senior football thing going on! I have to clean it up every week, so that it looks "good" **sigh**.... BUT, I guess it IS football. Do you know that Bubba had to make a schedule for who is wearing his jersey forwhich game? OMG I about DIED laughing, I asked him if I got to wear it for Senior Night and he looked SCARED.... LOL As if...!!!! I am gonna be dressy cuz I get to go out in front of the crowd and have my name announced and Bubba has to give me a rose! WAHOOO!!!! LOL I will probably Bawl cuz it's his last game..... :(

I couldn't for the life of me sign in and it was driving me BATTY, I have some New Bubba pictures to share... OK, I'll BRB and load them......

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Not real chatty today, SOOO tired, had to get up early yesterday as my Mom came in to see Bub's football game, went to the game, stayed up and chatted for a bit, got up early so that I could chat a lil more before she left and HAVE TO WORK TONIGHT!!!!!

I would post a pic of football but forgot my camera card at home... UGH!

Couldn't find any to swipe off the newspaper either, SO....

I'll be back another day... LOL Maybe not so long in between!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Swap Cards

OK, I managed to knock out two swaps before I shower and head to get Bub some Receiver gloves and go to work... The first is for DKOS#20 and it is Fresh cuts, I used the Looks Like Spring Punch for the center flower and a doodlebug sugar coated brad, white gel pen for highlights and the blender pen and Light Sky ink for coloring part of the stamped image, didn't just want black and white.... The second is for Queenie' and her swap it is to be a Halloween card with Purple, Black and green ... SO I used this set I just got off of the bay and LOVE it... I REALLY like older SU sets as there is SO much more detail to take care of. The ribbon is from MFT and SO bright and juicy looking!

!st day of School

WAHOOOO!!!!!!! This is the first day of school for my kids. Bubba is a Senior and Hailey is 8th grade....This is Bubba's new car and you can see that, Yes Summer is over here, windows were iced up etc... UGH! Aren't they CUTE???!!!!!! :) Thanks for looking and letting me be entertained and sharing with you all! Love ya Kelli

Monday, September 1, 2008

Here's Christopher!

OK, so here are two of Bubba's Senior Pics Is he HANDSOME or WHAT???? Can you believe that he's graduating this year?? I sure cant ... He's still a baby!!!!!

OK, I better get back to cleaning so I can stamp tonight, still caught up on swaps need to get AHEAD though!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Well, today is a BIG day for Bubba. He has his appointment to get his SENIOR Pictures taken... I can hardly believe that he is a Senior... He is still a BABY....I really shouldn't have let him start Kindergarten when he asked... LOL He started a year early and JUST TURNED 17 in July. I could keep him around a little longer before putting the boot to his behind come June of 2009. :)

Hailey is in 8th grade this year, last year of Middle School and then SHE hits the High School... I SO wish that Bubba would be there for her first year, kinda keep an eye on her and make sure no one is picking on her (IF it isnt she that starts it....)

I am surviving my God awful schedule and it's gonna be nice at Payday BUT... a chunk goes to Rae Anne, another chunk to SU so that I can sign up for my Demo (hobby only), and then the kids are gonna want always...but I guess I HAVE TO get them some new duds for school. I am STILL not sure what is wrong with the new Summer stuff I got them. Other than it isn't "new" and that is a RULE. I know, I know, I remember getting ready for school too, new supplies were SOOO cool and I never had to use last years colored pencils either... UGH! Dave gets irritated as he sees nothing wrong with last years especially since they really didnt use them anyway, why buy more. I told him my sanity is worth SO much more that a $2.67 box of Colored pencils. Hailey was REALLY good though as instead of the 1,567 colors in a box she chose the 12 YEA!!!!!

OK, I'm babbling... OH YEA that is what this is all about. I think I feel better talking to myself when I am putting it here cuz someone might read it so I'm no longer talking to myself, RIGHT???????

Good night ladies... I'll be off on Sunday and Monday... yea 2 days instead of 1... WAHOOOO A STampin FOOL I'm gonna be..... (there goes another chunk of my check!)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I keep getting notification of some Cookie Problem both work puter and this one. I just ignore it and things work... WTH???? OH WELL...

I figured I better pop on here for the morning and say Hello and Goodnight... I'll hook ya up with another photo (I know, I know you are waiting on pins and needles for this daily treat!)

THIS is my avatar from SCS that isn't as scary little like on SCS... SO now you know just how SCARY looking this Heiffer is!!!! LOL!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


OK, so I am up and at them...While looking for some photo's yesterday I found some VIDEO's UGH!!! I am locking DS out of the computer Good Grife!!! I just spent $150 to clean and repair the damn thing cuz of him and his oogling..... Rat terd.....

OK, so gonna go and look for some more photo's I think this one will be ...... The Fam..
Back row Hailey and Bubba/ Front: Dave, Marie, Daddy, Me.... Not a great photo but it's what we have.... Like Dave's "Circle Head"???
When Bub was little Star Trek came on and Jean Luc Picard was on the screen and Bubb says, "Hey Daddy he has a circle head like you!" OMG I fell out laughing... SO we call Dave a Circle Head every know and then ;)

December 2007 Flood photos

OK, so I can now show you some photo's of our flood a mere 9 months ago.... It seems like a LOT longer! These are the two roads to escape, my roads were all Niagra Falls looking things, mind you pic #2 has fence posts for horses and it's at the top rung... **sigh** what a mess... the first photo STILL has no asphalt on it......

Blackie vs Baby Bunny

OK, so this is one of my cats. He is F A T and he managed to catch this wascally wabbit...What else could I do but snap a photo. LOL
I hope you already ate before viewing...
If I can pop a Prozac down the other cats throat (Lucy) I will get one of her on here too... BUT she's a BIT spastic.....


Well, Gee Whiz... I skipped yesterday and almost forgot today. I'm in BIIIIIGGGG Trouble. Some of you might remember my HUGE Cats PJ order I placed in July. WELL....since I'm SUCH a financial WHIZ I never noticed that the money didnt come out of my account...MY (not so right now) LOVING Hubby had his CC info in Paypal.... Ummm, did you figure it out yet??? YEP $194 went on HIS CC.... OMG I'm too freaked out to LMAO .....

Sheesh, he KNOWS I buy stamps I mean DUH. He has had to load them into the truck when we moved (several times now)... But YIKES to see the actual price... AY YI YIIII!!!!!

SO I guess it's a good thing that I am a working schmuck lately so I can pay that bill.... HAHAHAHA

Oh ladies, what am I gonna do??? LOL Well, at least NOW I know as Cat's is having a new release on Friday..... ;)

Take care all off to feed breakfast here at work...

OH GAbby sent me a paint by number How to Tutorial (if that doesnt work this is a picture less Blog....) Thanks Gabster.... YOU ROCK!!!!!

Luv ya all! Oh and say a lil prayer for me would ya! :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

OOPS One more thing...

For you Bloggin Babes could you draw me a picture/directions on HTH to load other blogs, and photos??? LOL I need to be ready for when I get my ONE day off on the 3rd of September....
My where did the time go?? LOL I was SOOO good for TWO days... THAT must be a record or sumptin.... Well, it's Day #4 of my blog, so we will pretend that I didnt miss yesterday.

This blog stuff reminds me of having a Diary. I cant wait to get to work and play on here. I need to have a day off so that I can do something at home and make it more personal.

I am going to be loading the pic's of Bubba's car wreck here soon and share my fear... **sigh** It only took me over a week to get to this point, Yep!!! Bounce back fast from having the bajeebers scared outta me....

Thanks to all of you who are playing along in this little adventure.

Manda, Rae Anne, Yvonne and Yoorah! LUV YA ALL!!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 2

OK, so here I sit again at work and my partner just left, it seems to have slowed down so I think I'll bop along here and see what I can screw up! LOL Hopefully I can get the hang of this blog stuff. I sure do hope that loading things to this is easier than my SCS Gallery was the first couple times I tried.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Under Construction

OK, so I've fallen into the deep world of Blogging... Perhaps this way I can stay in touch with family and friends since mailing letters and such doesnt always work out for me.....

Stay tuned as I'm gonna work on this piece by piece......