Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here is my card that I created for the Idol Week 6 challenge, we were to create a 1 layer card. I used MFT Hot Stuff and masked and masked and masked...LOL The spot is NOT on the card, it's in my camera!!! UGH! I SO dont want THAT bill for cleaning....LOL!!! SO...I hope you like it!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

This is the card I created using ThereSheGoes stamp set titled, "Tastes Like Chicken" Apparently there was SOME discussion on how inappropriate it was to have a Possum in a frying pan and blah blah blah....I personally think it's FUNNY!!! I mean it WAS my idea along with the sentiment! ;) LOL I couldn't get the possum to sit nicely ON the couch so I figured I'd tuck him under to welcome unsuspecting visitors when they plop down on the couch! LOL I used the Home set (Topiary) and the TWeeterpated set (wall paper) and the Tastes like Chicken set (couch, framed art and possum) along with my trusty ruler and skinny sharpie to create the walls and wood floor, this is a trick I see a LOT on the MFT Cards that are great! I stamped the couch onto some OLD paper that I had around (wonder WHY I bought it) and then versamarked over the top used Clear EP then versamarked AGAIN over that and used UTEE for the second layer, cut them out and tucked the possum pieces out and put the couch down, using my ATG gun.......I hope it makes ya giggle!

THIS is the card I made for McGael and her Farm Swap...it's using SU Roosting and a Chickenwire BG stamp that my mom gave me from her stash....BOTH were unused, I though I had bought it on SCS but I remember it's one of the SCORES I found at the yard sale at my LSS...$5 WAHOOO....SO anyway I stamped the BG onto MFT Paper Panels and then the rooster and then lined up the chickies underfoot....I colored images with Copics and the paper is SU also from the EE Family. I came back with the Gelly Roll glitter pen and followed ALL the lines of the chicken wire to give it some oomph and then realised the sky was BRIGHT WHITE so I chalked it lightly in Bashful Blue SU Chalks, THEN realised the BIG GAPING HOLE in the card where the sky is so I filled it with a Button that I did NOT leave naked (it's a rule) I filled it with some of the Making Memories Twisted floss stuff..... VIOLA! Chicken Card!

OK so here are the latest on kid pics... The top one is Hailey serving on of her 8 straight points! YEA HAILEY!!!! She is gettin SO big....Aint she CUTE!!!!!
Pic #2 is Christopher (AKA Bubba) this was taken during the 4x400m relay. He has been complaining that his clothes are shrinking... Ummm, NO! You are GROWING.... LOL He is HUGE these days, still benching 320 so he's almost as tough as Mom! LOL
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!!! Will post 2 cards I made maybe tomorrow.....
Take care!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Take 3 minutes

This is WELL worth your time, God Bless Susan Boyle....

I tell ya I have tears.....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Well, here is Miss Hailey B.... this is in the Tournie in Centralia, WA. Hailey plays 3rd and catcher. The top pic is ever so down and ready LOL and then the second pic is her Springing into action for a throw down to 2nd base. She's such a lil feisty thing! LOL She is only about 4 inches shorter than I am now so pushing 5'5".... Aint she just a cute lil thang! LOVE Fastpitch season, well, when it's WARM anyway! LOL
Her team this year is called "The Vipers!" Go figure a darn snake! **shudder** so Yes, me being the GOOD MOMMY I am will be wearing a snake on my jacket...SO glad it's kinda cartoonie....or else I'd find me a PLAIN BLACK JACKET!
Thanks for looking!