Monday, April 13, 2009

Well, here is Miss Hailey B.... this is in the Tournie in Centralia, WA. Hailey plays 3rd and catcher. The top pic is ever so down and ready LOL and then the second pic is her Springing into action for a throw down to 2nd base. She's such a lil feisty thing! LOL She is only about 4 inches shorter than I am now so pushing 5'5".... Aint she just a cute lil thang! LOVE Fastpitch season, well, when it's WARM anyway! LOL
Her team this year is called "The Vipers!" Go figure a darn snake! **shudder** so Yes, me being the GOOD MOMMY I am will be wearing a snake on my jacket...SO glad it's kinda cartoonie....or else I'd find me a PLAIN BLACK JACKET!
Thanks for looking!

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