Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sittin here Snotty!

OK, so I am gonna whine a little bit and feel sorry for myself... I was feeling like TOTAL ICK yesterday. I was talking to my partner and all of a sudden the room began to spin. I was driving home and wondering if I was gonna puke in my lap or not, I get home and when I tipped my head back (dont know why I was doing that) I just about fell over, I got SOOO dizzy. SO, I went to bed only to bed woke up by Mr Brown with my SU order....It's a good thing it came today as I had turned off my alarm, you see I had to come in to work 2 hours early so that my "patner" for the night cant be by himself, he's a Cadet, and NO TRAINING...he's never even been in a fight at High School or anything... he's 20... SO, I am dry cough, sore throat, headache from HE!!, fevered/chills, etc... AND working (as I call it) by myself... He left at midnight so I AM by myself until 6:30 this AM....

I am SO not feeling good and I have a box o goodies stashed away in my craft room needing out of the plastic cuz they cant breathe.... LOL

OK, I'm done sniveling, I guess!

Hope you all have a great day and Thanks for all the comments on my pictures and what not.... It's fun to hear from you all!



Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here is my handsome boy!!! He has a MOHAWK right now! UGH!!! Damn Senior football thing going on! I have to clean it up every week, so that it looks "good" **sigh**.... BUT, I guess it IS football. Do you know that Bubba had to make a schedule for who is wearing his jersey forwhich game? OMG I about DIED laughing, I asked him if I got to wear it for Senior Night and he looked SCARED.... LOL As if...!!!! I am gonna be dressy cuz I get to go out in front of the crowd and have my name announced and Bubba has to give me a rose! WAHOOO!!!! LOL I will probably Bawl cuz it's his last game..... :(

I couldn't for the life of me sign in and it was driving me BATTY, I have some New Bubba pictures to share... OK, I'll BRB and load them......

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Not real chatty today, SOOO tired, had to get up early yesterday as my Mom came in to see Bub's football game, went to the game, stayed up and chatted for a bit, got up early so that I could chat a lil more before she left and HAVE TO WORK TONIGHT!!!!!

I would post a pic of football but forgot my camera card at home... UGH!

Couldn't find any to swipe off the newspaper either, SO....

I'll be back another day... LOL Maybe not so long in between!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Swap Cards

OK, I managed to knock out two swaps before I shower and head to get Bub some Receiver gloves and go to work... The first is for DKOS#20 and it is Fresh cuts, I used the Looks Like Spring Punch for the center flower and a doodlebug sugar coated brad, white gel pen for highlights and the blender pen and Light Sky ink for coloring part of the stamped image, didn't just want black and white.... The second is for Queenie' and her swap it is to be a Halloween card with Purple, Black and green ... SO I used this set I just got off of the bay and LOVE it... I REALLY like older SU sets as there is SO much more detail to take care of. The ribbon is from MFT and SO bright and juicy looking!

!st day of School

WAHOOOO!!!!!!! This is the first day of school for my kids. Bubba is a Senior and Hailey is 8th grade....This is Bubba's new car and you can see that, Yes Summer is over here, windows were iced up etc... UGH! Aren't they CUTE???!!!!!! :) Thanks for looking and letting me be entertained and sharing with you all! Love ya Kelli

Monday, September 1, 2008

Here's Christopher!

OK, so here are two of Bubba's Senior Pics Is he HANDSOME or WHAT???? Can you believe that he's graduating this year?? I sure cant ... He's still a baby!!!!!

OK, I better get back to cleaning so I can stamp tonight, still caught up on swaps need to get AHEAD though!