Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sittin here Snotty!

OK, so I am gonna whine a little bit and feel sorry for myself... I was feeling like TOTAL ICK yesterday. I was talking to my partner and all of a sudden the room began to spin. I was driving home and wondering if I was gonna puke in my lap or not, I get home and when I tipped my head back (dont know why I was doing that) I just about fell over, I got SOOO dizzy. SO, I went to bed only to bed woke up by Mr Brown with my SU order....It's a good thing it came today as I had turned off my alarm, you see I had to come in to work 2 hours early so that my "patner" for the night cant be by himself, he's a Cadet, and NO TRAINING...he's never even been in a fight at High School or anything... he's 20... SO, I am dry cough, sore throat, headache from HE!!, fevered/chills, etc... AND working (as I call it) by myself... He left at midnight so I AM by myself until 6:30 this AM....

I am SO not feeling good and I have a box o goodies stashed away in my craft room needing out of the plastic cuz they cant breathe.... LOL

OK, I'm done sniveling, I guess!

Hope you all have a great day and Thanks for all the comments on my pictures and what not.... It's fun to hear from you all!




manda_dex said...

now that you have had the weekend hopefully you have gotten some rest and are no longer Snotty Motty..... Also, I hope you have been able to play with your new goodies!!!

Michele said...

Hi KJ,
Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you from my blog!