Thursday, August 28, 2008

Well, today is a BIG day for Bubba. He has his appointment to get his SENIOR Pictures taken... I can hardly believe that he is a Senior... He is still a BABY....I really shouldn't have let him start Kindergarten when he asked... LOL He started a year early and JUST TURNED 17 in July. I could keep him around a little longer before putting the boot to his behind come June of 2009. :)

Hailey is in 8th grade this year, last year of Middle School and then SHE hits the High School... I SO wish that Bubba would be there for her first year, kinda keep an eye on her and make sure no one is picking on her (IF it isnt she that starts it....)

I am surviving my God awful schedule and it's gonna be nice at Payday BUT... a chunk goes to Rae Anne, another chunk to SU so that I can sign up for my Demo (hobby only), and then the kids are gonna want always...but I guess I HAVE TO get them some new duds for school. I am STILL not sure what is wrong with the new Summer stuff I got them. Other than it isn't "new" and that is a RULE. I know, I know, I remember getting ready for school too, new supplies were SOOO cool and I never had to use last years colored pencils either... UGH! Dave gets irritated as he sees nothing wrong with last years especially since they really didnt use them anyway, why buy more. I told him my sanity is worth SO much more that a $2.67 box of Colored pencils. Hailey was REALLY good though as instead of the 1,567 colors in a box she chose the 12 YEA!!!!!

OK, I'm babbling... OH YEA that is what this is all about. I think I feel better talking to myself when I am putting it here cuz someone might read it so I'm no longer talking to myself, RIGHT???????

Good night ladies... I'll be off on Sunday and Monday... yea 2 days instead of 1... WAHOOOO A STampin FOOL I'm gonna be..... (there goes another chunk of my check!)

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manda_dex said...

Well, your time is almost up, and you get to have some time to play with the kiddies, stamp, and maybe have a drink and relax before going back at it all over again. I giggle when I read you talking about Bubba being a senior, b/c this week was the first week the boys have had any school, even with it being Preschool. I could not imagine them as seniors, and really don't want to do so yet!!!