Tuesday, August 26, 2008


OK, so I am up and at them...While looking for some photo's yesterday I found some VIDEO's UGH!!! I am locking DS out of the computer Good Grife!!! I just spent $150 to clean and repair the damn thing cuz of him and his oogling..... Rat terd.....

OK, so gonna go and look for some more photo's I think this one will be ...... The Fam..
Back row Hailey and Bubba/ Front: Dave, Marie, Daddy, Me.... Not a great photo but it's what we have.... Like Dave's "Circle Head"???
When Bub was little Star Trek came on and Jean Luc Picard was on the screen and Bubb says, "Hey Daddy he has a circle head like you!" OMG I fell out laughing... SO we call Dave a Circle Head every know and then ;)


daiseyfreak said...

lol, yes, I'm familiar with star trek, and hey, we have the same light in our kitchen!

manda_dex said...

What a happy little family... I use to love that Star Trek...the other's and spin offs....not so much! At least he got a cute nickname from it!