Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not feelin the love right now from my stampin so this blog will be inactive for quite some time, gonna have to do some soul searching and figure out if I really wanna try to be a "stamper" from what I've been seeing I'm not so, deep soul searching is gonna be happening, the LSS is having a yard sale May 1 & 2, so I may just completely delete my blog after that day, I will just have to see what is up when the time comes, the house just may get a bit bigger with an additional room given back if I unload all of this crap and the crap I make!!!!

Anyway, I will quite with my blah blah blah boo hoo hoo and just hang out on my least THAT gives a lil love back!!!!


Megan said...


Missin' you!

yoorah said...

But you make such beautiful crap :(

Scrappy said...

:-( Sorry that you are not feeling the love Kelli! You can't throw in the towel! Wasting your God given talent SUX! You wan' I sen' out Uncle Vinnie for a *discussion*?:p

Besides who else can I rely on to harrass me when I need it? (no applications puhlease!)Miss ya, Love ya, and I won't "let you go easy into the night"...or some such literary carap! ;)

{{{{{{BIG HUGS!!!}}}}} Scrappy

Jana Weaver said...

Oh man....but I love your stuff! Sorry things have been off for you lately, but we all miss you !!! I think you just need a stamping retreat to get your groove back, so head on down! :-D

Anonymous said...

What??!?!??! WTH??? Hey no more pity party out of you, lady. I need to hang out with like minded people!! :)
Miss you!!

Leslie Rodriguez said...

Kelli Jo, you can't quit!!! We need you and we miss you so much over at SCS!!! Besides, who told you that you can't stamp, huh? You've got some skilz girlfriend!! Hope you get done with that soul searchin' fast and then come back to stampin central.

Miss you bunches!!

texasjodylynn said...

Sorry you're going through a rough time, KJ! Come back to stampin'. HUGS!

raduse said...

What the hey!!! When did this come about??? Whose the idiot that said you can't stamp???? They're an idiot. You hear me...and idiot! Don't know jack about stamping. You do beautiful work. Why do you think you made it into the finals for MFT's dancing contest? Hmmmm.....? You would not have been there if you couldn't stamp!

So KJ, please get your happy little butt back over to SCS and join us! The challenge threads are too freakin quiet without you my friend.

Michele L. said...

what is going on... whatever it is just remember that you have lots of stampin friends that support your decision no matter what!
but i hop u continue to stamp.

Joanne B. said...

Hey there sweets. Love you, and don't you go anywhere. Its great to just write, and I find lots of times, people are reading, even if they don't officially pop in to say hello. With the spring starting to warm up, people have been enjoying being OUT (hoooooray!)

You know that we adore you chickie pie, and if you go anywhere, we'll come and FIND YOU! LOL!

Christina Fischer said...

Hey, girlie! I'm sorry you're feeling down! Don't judge your skills by the number of your blog comments -- if that were true, I would have quit a long time ago! LOL

Stamp because you love it, and stamp because it makes you happy. And FYI, you are madly talented!! :)

Sometimes you have to take a break and regroup -- I've had to do that myself during the last month. It really stinks when your life gets in the way of your happy time -- please stick with it! HUGS!