Saturday, December 25, 2010

Explanations!!! LOL

OK, so rather than trying to fit all this in with the pictures... Dave with some of his goodies, Yes!  That IS a Dallas Cowboys Santa hat... he wears it every year to divy out the gifties!!!

Bubba: You notice the stocking?  My Mom cross stitched him one a LONNNNG Time ago and it is about the only tradition we have... what a FANTASTIC keeper, she cross stitched it onto Linen...this is one of the only women who's front of the cross stitch and the back of the cross stitch are darn near identical... a bit anal with the perfect stitches on the back!  LOL 

Hailey: She too got a WONDERFUL stocking from Mom.  You see the lil yellow blankie?  YUP!  Hailey went EVERYWHERE with that yellow blankie, so Mom made the blankie on the stocking to match... awwww... LOL  The OTHER Tradition that we have is that every year the kids get a Lifesavers Storybook in their stocking.  My Sister and I always have gotten one and it's just a part of my childhood that I have carried on to my kids, maybe they will continue with theirs....Do you see the pic of the HP Charger?  Yea, she was a bit miffed as she doesn't know what it goes to, so I showed her the shipping notice (grrr...long story) and the smile that followed after! :)

G'Pa:  That is Dave's dad Joe SR.  He had just come downstairs and I snapped a photo.  LOL  Then the pic of him and his confusion of what the heck we got him... Handheld games, figured they were a great change from the romance novels he reads...

All in all, a GREAT Christmas, not a bunch of gifts purchased at the store but the GREATEST GIFT EVER... My Family together!!!!! 

God Bless you all and Have a Merry Christmas, take time to reflect on your blessings!!!  Even during hard times, hold tight to the love you have in your life!!!! 

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