Saturday, July 23, 2011


I am dustin off this dusty ol blog... June 5th???  REALLY???  Oh My how time flies... it's been THAT long since my last post...

I have been asked to do a friend a favor so in August my blog will be burnin up with creativity!!!! ;)  AND I have an order of 100+ Wedding Invites to do and possibly ANOTHER batch of Wedding Invites... too bad neither appreciate the offer to use my SYMPATHY STAMPS on them!!!  :) :) :)

Anyway... See ya in a few SHORT days!!! ;)



Evette K. said...

My first time on your blog and it is awesome!! Loved you beautiful lady on the card u made and was posted on Rubbernecker. Wow, so stunning. TY for sharing your talents with us. ekc

Corinna said...

Hey girl! Now be sure to put RCC on your linky list on the right! :D

Jenni said...

Yea!! Good to see you!! Was starting to get worried!! :)