Tuesday, November 24, 2009

WAHOO!!! NOW I can share with you the THRILL I was given a couple weeks ago... I was called by THE MFT LADY.... YUP!!! The one and only Kim... She offers her DT a chance at a vacation or a lighter schedule for the releases during December... Kim selected a couple of us MFT Junkies to help out during the vacation time... I WAS ONE OF THEM!!!! YAY!!!!

I can't tell you just HOW EXCITED I AM!!!! I totally love MFT stamps, the owner and the DT! MFT was my first company that I actually "talked" during a release and I was welcomed with open arms into their fun loving family. I have been a JUNKIE every since... They have a new stamp company called Pure Innocence, and those ARE STINKING CUTE... they go perfectly with the lil guy we all love FLOPSEY and then the GO TO GIRL.... Whose That Girl (WTG)! add those in with the delish designs of Amanda Baird, Annie LaPointe and you have got one heckuva selection... WOW!!!

OK, so anyway, I wll stop babbling over my MFT Love & affection... BE at Kims Blog to start the sneek peeks on Saturday the 28th of November... get your Christmas shopping list ready... cuz boy howdy, these stamps ROCK!!!!

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Gael said...

That is SO COOL, KJ!! Many congratulations!! You deserve it! Cannot wait to see you on a DT full-time!