Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Well, the contest is over the confetti has all landed and the clean up guy has come through... The MFT So You Thnk You Can Dance contest is over... WHAT A THRILL... TRULY shocked to have made it that far and I had some AWESOME comments on my project and it was a "FAVE" of some... Now you talk about a WAHOO moment... I LOVED seeing that, to me it means I am getting better... I have ALWAYS had the support of my fellow Ho's, Mama, Yoorah, Kate, etc... it is SO much fun to get "strangers" comments, but anyway...

The contest was reported to be free stamps, YUP! from December to May worth... $450+ worth... WOW!!! Kim, of MFT STamps posts that there was a reason it was SIX MONTHS worth of stamps... The Winner would be getting a COVETED (my word) DT Spot... this is something stampers would KILL for... in fact I DID ask if "something" happened to the winner would someone step up to take her spot like in the Miss USA Pageants! LOL As you can probably tell it was NOT me that won, or I would be plotting on how to hire a body guard! COVETED I'M TELLIN YA!!!!! LOL

BUT... a GREAT lil bratty gal that is SUPER sweet(aka: Brattie) won... You can click on her name to go to her blog and just see the stuff this lil heiffer from Texas pumps out... she is PHENOMENAL.... Mama and Yoorah know her as PYT (Pretty Young Thang)... she is truly funny, sweet, polite, and a damn good stamper... and What I would call a friend... you know one of those to LOVE to HATE? HAHAHAHAHHA

Anyway, please click on her name and check her out, wish her congrats and just enjoy the sights!!! I'm a registered stalker of her blog... ;)



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Megan said...

I not bratty. I cute. :)

Your contributions to the challenges were absolutely stunning. LOVE them all!!! You're a rockstar, lady!