Sunday, December 27, 2009

Here are some pic's from this Christmas. Our lil tree was a leaner we discovered AFTER I ran all over town on a Sunday to find a tree stand! I came home from work only to discover that our stand (lovingly called drunk Santa) was broken. Drunk Santa was a porcelain/ceramic type stand, it had Santa laying on his side taking a lil nap and a empty bottle of.... ???? .... egg nog??? laying beside him! LOL!!!! SO I found the stand Dave and Christopher put it up and what do you suppose??? YUP! I BIG OL SWAY in the trunk that couldn't be cut out by taking some off the bottom, it was about 2 ft up... so we went with it!

You will also notice that my son has gotten pretty wooly while at college, me being the GOOD mommy didn't complain (too much) and even bought him stuff for his hair in his prep for... **GAG** Dread Locks... Well, as you will see in the next photo's his hair is cut... HE decided that he didn't like it was too long and hurt his head! LOL **sigh of relief** :)

Here are the new present pics...

YES HE DID!!! Bubba asked for a Vaccuum this year along with an iron, ironing board, printer and XBox year subscription to Xbox live...3 outta 5 aint bad...he can always ask a neighbor to borrow their iron...

Miss Hailey Brooke FINALLY received the open heart necklace this year, it has diamonds on it and a fine silver chain, she also scored on a ring with diamonds and her birthstone :)


PS Dave got a Gift Card to Cabella's again this year... can you say $400.... FREE MONEY??? OH MAN!!! I could do some SERIOUS Damage to some stamp companies with THAT much to spend!!!!

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TexasGrammy said...

Ooooooooooooooh, what a fun glimpse, KelliJo! I'm so glad your Christmas was very Merry!

Happy New Year to you and yours!