Friday, December 18, 2009

Well, here is my NEW organization method... see those gray and pink storage units??? Can you say HARDWARE STORE??? LOL A Friend of mine traded me FOUR of these for Christmas cards, she wanted to pay for them but NO WAY!!!!
so when it finally warms up....*sigh* will be painted black to match the shelves....
SO is THIS where my money goes????? LOL


There She Goes Clear Stamps said...

Look! It's a picture of my favorite store to shop in lol!!! I have to say, I really enjoyed coming over when you were in the middle of organising so I could see all of your goodies spread out all over your craft room, you have got so much fun stuff! I can't wait to be able to redo my craft room and use your storage methods :)

Anonymous said...

Can you come over and clean up my room too?? :) Look at ALL those stamps!!!

Enjoy your brand spanking clean room!