Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wedding Pics LOL

LOL!!! OK, so Matt and Bub have been friends since 3rd grade, neither one think twice about having a little bit of fun, so when the Money dance came around today, Bub was game to dance with Matt and of course Matt said, "I'll do anything for a buck!" LOL Not sure which one is leading however, they danced and danced and danced... Bub was a little bit worried as no one seemed to want to cut in on them! LOL

Hailey of course thinks of Matt as her other brother so it was her turn to dance with Matt...
You can see his Bride Heather in the background, dancing with I believe her sister...
The couple was SO cute, and looked SO happy, I Wish them nothing but the best for MANY years to come... hard to believe my "other son" is married!!!!! :(
Congratulations Matt and Heather Justice!!!!!

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