Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bub the Werewolf!

OK, so this AM when Bub got up he made me laugh SO hard... he told me that people were asking him to pose with them cuz he looked like one of the characters in Twilight... the werewolf one... I have NO IDEA the name as I'm NOT a Twi-Freak! LOL
SO... I made him change BACK into his work shirt to pose in the woods, I wanted to see if he'd SPARKLE... but then he told me that the Vampires "sparkle" NOT the werewolves.... **sigh**
He traded in his shirt at work for one that hadn't been washed yet so that he could BREATHE!!!!! LMAO It apparently shrunk a BUNCH cuz it was WAY tighter when he went to work!!!!!

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