Monday, May 17, 2010

SHE GOT IN!!!!!!! WAHOOO!!!!!!!

Here she is.... Miss Hailey Brooke!!!! WAHOO!!!!! She got in to run in the game starting out on 2nd base, making it to 3rd then the batter hit a line drive to the pitcher! Boo Hiss... no pic of crossing the plate!!!! :( Don't she look cool????

She had SO much fun, and can't wait to be a Varsity player from the start!!!! Watch out bloggers, I'll be hammering you with pics!!! :)

PS We won the game 3-1. Districts start Thursday at 4PM, so I'm gonna have to bust my hump to get to Chehalis from work!


Rae Anne said...

WAHOO. . .Congratulations on making the varsity team Hailey!!! :D

Joy said...

so excited for her, GO HAILEY!

g said...

awesome news! YAY Hailey!!
Great pics too!!

Gabby said...

GO HAILEY!!! Congrats kiddo!!!