Wednesday, August 25, 2010

UGH!!! I am SOOO upset... I got the code to post NO PROBLEMO this AM.... I looked when I got up... just like Taylor said it was there... in fact I used it this AM to go 1/2 way through the hop.... I log on here at work to finish they eye candy and the links are GONE!!! **POOF** SERIOUS???? UGH!!!! This blog... I guess I can be happy it is staying ONE COLOR NOW!!!!! *roll eyes*

Well anyway... I will head to Taylor's and go from there !!!!!

Night all... PS On my Blast from the Past post....THOSE ARE CHERRIES!!!!!! LOL

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Megan said...

The cherries are cute! My favorite part is the cherry pit! Who else would have thought to add a GG for the pit?!?