Friday, January 21, 2011

Lacey's Birthday

SO, Bub's Girlie Friend Lacey came over for her Birthday dinner, she wanted Ratatouille (yes like the Disney Movie name.)  Dave named it that cuz he "created a masterpiece" **roll eyes** but it IS good! ;)  anyway Lacey had her 19th birthday and came over for dinner, here are some snap shots of the night :)

Lacey the Birthday Girlie

MR Ratatouille

LOL!  Of COURSE they are too long!!! ;)

My 3 kiddos!!!! Lacey, Christopher and Hailey

steam from the noodles... Bub and Lacey... see she's SHORT! ;) but oh so cute!


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Kate said...

They make such a cute couple! And boy! Hailey sure looks like Dave!