Thursday, January 13, 2011


Week 2 of the MFT WSC Challenge and I am SORT OF a cheater cheater dog poop eater... Now LEMME 'SPLAIN.... OK so I just could NOT get that circle to fit on the outside and not get all smooshed up so I split the sketch in half... half OUTside my card and half INside my card!!!!  **GRIN**

This is Bo Bunny papers and the MFT Set by Stephanie Fizer called "Polar Love"  I DO LOVE THIS SET!!!!!  I made it Valentiney instead of Wintery... and with the weather we are all havin we just may be standin on snow while smoochin with our hunny bears!!!  **tee hee**  SO  Whatcha think?  LOOK AT THOS ROSES!!!!!  EEEEK!!  **pittar pat goes my heart**

Now SEE... here is the REST of the sketch!!!! ;)  Didn't think I was foolin' ya did ya???  Naww... NOT ME!!!!  *smirk*

The new Doily die with PINK FELT... and the sentiment from the set... felt DOES warm my heart.. Heck This WHOLE CARD WARMS MY HEART!!!!  :) 
OH!  I almost forgot to mention my PINK BABY BRADDIES... LOOOOVE them!!!!!


marilynprestonn said...

Kelli, this is just darling! I love the sprinkle of sparkle snow too. Awesome take on the sketch. Love your cards, your love for cardmaking is evident in them. :)Peggy

Cindy Haffner said...


texasjodylynn said...

Cute card, KJ!

Chris said...

dog poop eater? you are one twisted puppy, but that's why I like you.
you know, that circle was a pain the butt, too bad I didn't see this idea before I smooshed it onto the top of my card.
oh, but I'm here about your card not mine.
I love those bears, and the felt doily warms my heart too. sweet.

Jessie/knightrone said...

Totally adorable!! LOVE it!!

Michele Boyer said...

So cute, Kelli! I love that you used this set all Valentine-y. (And please, let's not talk about dog-poop-eating. That's just nasty.) lol.

g said...

Sa-weeeet!!i totally love it! this set is adorable as a valentine and you rocked the sketch- i love the circle inside!!

Bonnie said...

Dog poop eater?? Yuck!!! Fantastic job on the challenge KJ.