Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ode to the TCU Horned Frogs

Who doesn't love a bit of Glory???  HAHAHHAHA!!!!  OK, so a SCS buddy of mine (LJ) is a Wisconsin Badger FREAK... I am a underdog kinda gal and I HATE the Big 10, SEC etc... so... LJ and I had a lil wager on the Rose Bowl this year!!!  Well, well, well... GUESS WHO WON???  NOT LJ's Badgers!!!  HAHAHHAHAHA... SO me being the NICE friend that I am**while waiting for my $30 GC to MFT to arrive** made LJ a lil ol card from the bottom of my Horned Frog lovin Heart!!!! :)

This is a stamp set from MFT called Rainy Day Friends-by Stephanie Pfizer... PERFECT dontcha think??


Laura Jean (LJ) said...

Kelli ~ LOOOOOOVE This card, even though it's the WRONG team colors....LMAO. Good thing we are rooting for the same team in the National Championship :)

Anonymous said...

bwahahahaa!!!! Go Horned Frogs!!! I so wanted them to win, too!!! lalallaa!! Love the purple!! ;) what are you gonna do for the DUCKS???? Might need my shades for that card!! ;)


Barb said...

Great Card Kelli! Can't wait to see what you create for the game next week. From another Badger Fan!

Anonymous said...

Love the purple! And I forgot about her, I need to pull her out and use her, thanks Twin!