Saturday, October 30, 2010

Christopher & Lacey Halloween 2010

 OK, so here is Christopher... He cracks me up!!!!  He has ALWAYS been a good sport about dressing up and dressing up like Mickey Mouse was NOT difficult for him!  LOL  Look at those ears... Lacey's mom found some Devil horns and just whipped up some circles in felt and sewed them on for he and Lacey to wear!  TOO CUTE!!!

There are are the two of them together, Awwwwww!!!!


Jennifer said...

Teehee!! How cute Mickey and Minnie.. they look so great together!

yoorah said...

Those are adorable! Not sure if they are as adorable as Hailey's outfit though ;)

raduse said...

KJ, they are just too cute!!!

Joy said...

omg, they are sooooooooo cute!

how fun!

those buttons on him crack me up!

g said...

so adorable!!